Socrates in Lok Sabha

6 P.JOHNBASCO 37 M Akhila India Jananayaka Makkal Katchi (Dr. Issac)
7 VATAL NAGARAJ 60 M Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha
8 B.SHIVARAMAPPA 62 M Pyramid Party of India
10 KHADER ALI KHAN 39 M Independent

This is a part of the candidates list for the 2009 Lok Sabha elections from the Bangalore South constituency.

Pyramid Party of India sounds interesting. Here and here.

Here are 5 reasons to vote for The Pyramid Party of India:

1. BJP draws inspiration from Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya. Congress has its fake Gandhis. The Pyramid Party of India Socratic.

2. Their manifesto promises spirituality, instant karma, health is wealth (sic), vegetarianism, back to nature (sic) and personality development. Now who wouldn’t want that?

3. They are pretty idealistic when it comes to relocating beggars from our streets to swanky spas and rewarding individual merit. Plain vote bank politics I tell you- shamelessly pandering to the beggars and meritorious.

4. They promise no more exams. This means that all the school going kids of our young country will vote for them. But wait, isn’t the voting age 18? They say what’s the big deal, these kids are smart. Heck! Don’t underage school kids drink, smoke and drive bikes? Of course they will find ways to beat the system and vote. Especially when the end in sight is the end of exams!

5. Four reasons are good enough.

Signs of a mature democracy! 🙂

So you want to vote for them? You are not alone, they polled 130,362 votes in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections.


Socrates. (source: Wikipedia)

Television is their electoral symbol.

Television is their electoral symbol.

4 responses to “Socrates in Lok Sabha

  1. Not knowing much of what’s happening in the political world, I love #4. May be they could abolish the entire schooling system for their next such election attempt?

  2. @Gowtham: Innovative solutions for solving our problems of illiteracy and high drop out rates, eh? 🙂

  3. Yes – when there is no schooling system, there won’t be any drop outs. And kids can learn most of what’s needed from their peers and internet anyway.

    Wish we could solve the root of all problems like this one!

  4. Any idea why it is the ‘Pyramid Party of India’? I’ve grown suspicious of pyramids after I read about their special properties on Er. R. Prasad’s site. Also, is it a Mayan Pyramid or an Egyptian Pyramid?

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